Cass Art is one of the best art blogs in the United Kingdom. Website: The blog has a separate section for illustrations which you can check here. In his blog, Michael Nobbs writes about his drawing, creating art, and building a network of other artists. Lisa Congdon is an illustrator and an artist who started a blog by her name. A typical Hi-Fructose post also describes how the artist came up with the idea and the process behind the creation of the work. Every child is different from one another, and the Art Bar inspires children to explore their internal creative side and bring it outside. Currently, in addition to this blog, is a commentator of cinema in Onda Cero and continues to write books that soon publish. Along with this, Making a Mark offers readers with guides, tutorials, and how-tos. The ‘Go Gently Library’ is also a great place to listen to podcasts, download ebooks, or learn new things. Live For Films. Another mention from the United States, Artsy Shark is one of the most innovative art blogs on this list. The blog has a small following on social media but don't let the numbers fool you. He does not upload scanned copies of books as well. Our Picks for the Best Home Theater Systems of 2020: 1. The Gurney Journey also gives first-hand access to reports from art museums and colleges. The site has nearly 10 million users each month. A part of the blog is completely dedicated to this. Christmas 5 Winter Outfits Inspired By Your Favourite Christmas Films. She blogs about art projects for kids, lessons, ‘do-it-yourself’ tutorials, and apparel. Artists can also submit their artworks and stand a chance to get featured in articles and posts. MovieWeb dates back to 1995, making it one of the first movie websites. It is one of our favorite art blogs on the list. Colossal covers a wide range of topics with the likes of photography, animation, design, painting, and drawing bossing the show. The Art Bar website has space where you can shop for art supplies as well. The blog has a separate section for Art and Education which has resources for aspiring artists who want to follow a career in their passion. The Art League Blog is one of the largest and the best art blogs in the United States of America. Until 1989, it was the main theater for premieres in the GDR. It’s considered one of the best gay blogs on the net and has over 100,000 visitors to the site each month. Passionate artists and students can hop on to this blog to find artistic inspiration and learn new things about the world of art. Check out this link for an example. The blog also informs the public about art events and shares insightful reporting of previous events. This approach has made the site a real success, with over one million users every month. Cinema is a unique Entertainment blogger template which is suitable for any type of cinema, movie promotion, theatres, blogs and movie communities no matter the size. Charley wonderfully introduces his blog as a platform that accepts all forms of art or if we put it in his exact word, anything that has ‘lines and/or colors’. Second only to on-set experience, filmmaking blogs are arguably the best way to learn the craft of filmmaking and to be inspired creatively. Top 1 – The Smart Local. It is a London based blog that started in 2005. Mousse is a classy magazine that publishes interviews with some of the most reputed artists and curators from around the globe. Dark Horizons is an entertainment site with a history dating back to January 1997. The ‘Work on Work’ section is an exemplary effort by Open Space that discusses ethics, labor laws, and morals in the art culture. There is no fixed genre that it emphasizes. Art Bar is a family-centric platform that shares ideas for crafts that are meant for homes and classrooms. It revolves around contemporary art and publishes enlightening critiques of visual art exhibitions. Blog: Twitter: @lady_sati Home Base: Poland M.O. The tagline 'Street Art from London and beyond’ summarizes the entire concept in just a few words. The aim of this inspiring personality is to help others live a gentle, kind, and easy life. © 2020 IZEA. From our city's nostalgic rep cinemas to mainstream movie theatres, Toronto is … There are separate sections for poetry, essays, and comics. It is published twice a month in English and Italian. You can find books and screenprints on the website as well. If you visit the blog/website, the format that they use radiates the very idea behind the concept. Home » Blog. If you are a creative professional looking for some inspiration or love art and design and would like to keep up with current trends, there are lots of art blogs that might help spark an idea and inspire you. Let your creative juices flow!As an artist, an online portfolio website will help you showcase your work, find new clients and get spotted by agencies. The blog is a rich collection of articles about all kinds of art forms like painting, drawing, sketching, illustration, comics, cartoons, etc. Along with posting her artworks, she also showcases other artists whose works fascinate her. Articles and reviews by Spoke Art are insightful, resourceful, and valuable. Best Wireless Home Theater System: Bose Soundbar 700 with Bass Module 700 and Surround Wireless Speakers 3. It is based in the city of Alexandria and offers opportunities for artists to exhibit their works in art exhibitions and events. Artnews is the oldest art magazine in the world. CinemaBlend is one of the most popular entertainment websites. The site dates back to 2003, and now boasts 19 million unique visitors each month, interacting with over 60 million pages of content. Booooooom’s content revolves around trending contemporary artworks. Since Frankie Magazine is sort of like a Jack of all trades, its versatility is one of the major attractions for readers and art enthusiasts. ... Cinema is one of the most profitable art businesses. The ‘retrospective’ section looks back at artworks from the past and treats readers with valuable opinions and meaningful research. The internet is teeming with resources for art enthusiasts, art lovers, and artists. With more than 15 posts per week, you’ll never run out of stuff to see and read. Lastly, you can buy funky merchandise in the e-commerce section of Colossal. Make sure to check out her ‘Early Finishers’ series and the ‘In the art room: Teaching kindness and teamwork’ category. The best view is at night. The Jealous Curator is a blog which loved by more than 268,000 on Facebook. An all-in-one platform to build your online presence and grow your business. Movie Pilot. This blog seeks to emphasize the central importance and significance of movies in the lives of so many people, while also celebrating what it is to be a “nerd.”. Top Income Channel: Paid Advertisements, Affiliate marketing, Google Adsense etc. You can find reviews related to a lot of topics like film, books, performing arts, and music. The FSC journal is the best source for information about analog photography techniques, film camera reviews, and film based photo essays from around the world. The result is an eclectic mix of reviews and opinion pieces from a diverse collection of talented writers who are passionate about film. Roger Ebert was one of the world’s most famous and respected film reviewers. Highest Traffic Blogs in Singapore. They speak with industry insiders to make bold predictions about… But keeping track of which blogs to follow can be overwhelming. The ‘Studio Visit’ page is also a vibrant and rich collection of screen prints and illustrations. His blog talks about latest technology and gadgets. Cinema has banner areas, so it allows you to show ads and earn money without making damage to your website overall look. She is known for her vibrant and colorful works. The blog celebrates the art culture and lifestyle and posts news, exhibition details, and reviews. The blog has content that covers contemporary art events and exhibitions organized on a global level. 10) Head on to the blog and click on the ‘More’ section to see a variety of categories and topics that you can explore. Little White Lies Magazine | Movie Reviews and Articles. Hookedblog (Streetart from London and beyond) publishes content about street art, illustrations, murals, graffiti, and screen paintings. She believes in giving children space and time to explore new ideas and formulate new ways to create things. This no-nonsense blog is a colorful and interesting collection of articles, archives, news, and trends. So we’ve curated a list of the best filmmaking blogs by category so you can discover exactly the right blog that fits your interests in two shakes. Blogs are great for content marketing, and they’re a fantastic way to express opinions and provide reviews for products and services, such as movies and television shows. Their columnist program grants life-long access to the blog as a contributor. Artsy shark helps artists to build businesses by providing them with valuable advice and insightful business articles. - Terms of Service | Privacy Notice | California Privacy Notice, 25 Solo Female Travel Influencers to Follow in 2019. Here is our curated list of the Top 25 Art Blogs and Online Magazines Hi-Fructose . ComingSoon aims to provide greater insight to the world of movies by providing scoops and behind-the-scenes editorials. The blog is a hotspot for artists and woodworkers. All in all, the Spoke Art space is a vibrant and happening place where art enthusiasts can enjoy original content by some of the most creative artists in the world. The site focuses on in-depth movie news, providing a thoughtful, analytical approach to reviewing Hollywood’s output. Started in the month of November in 2008, readers can expect a minimum of 3 posts from them every day. She has written 8 books about her experiences in the world of art and her opinions about them. You can also subscribe to his monthly emails that have creative and inspiring messages for his followers. Some of them are The Art of the Landscape, Travels With a Sketchbook, and Botanical Art and Artists. With more than 703,000 followers on Instagram and 227,000 likes on Facebook, Artnews is also one of the most popular art blogs around. Making A Mark is an art exhibition blog based in the United Kingdom. The publication started in 2011 and comes up with a new post every week. Art enthusiasts can sign up to receive weekly emails from the blog. We have put together a list of our favorite art blogs that you must follow in the coming year to jumpstart your creativity. The blog is based in San Francisco and aims to make art accessible as well as meaningful to the common public. Get out of the house! User-generated content is a good way to get regular updates on your site, and to have … The site served over 140 million readers in 2017, and has over 4.8 million subscribers on its associated YouTube channel. A list of the top blogs in the Movies category based on 20+ different factors including RSS … This scholar based magazine and website has a vast range of articles, reviews and a blog. The blog aims to drop some light on art, culture, and design from a contemporary point of view. The blog has 600,000 followers on Instagram and Twitter. Also: comic books, video games and … She shares her learnings and her works on her blog. The blog challenges the orthodox ways of looking at the art culture. The blog has a niche following of art enthusiasts and art lovers not only from London but from around the globe. Absolutely Lucy â€“ Adventure Seeker, From Backpacking to Luxury Treats A Couple For The Road – Cultural Travel Blog Active Planet Travels – Traveling the World The Adventure Junkies – Don’t Dream It, Live It Adventure Mom – Adventure Travel and Lifestyle Adventure on Yall â€“ Honest Opinions Helping People Plan Vacations Adventurous Kate – Solo Female Travel Blog Adventures Around Asia – Travel & Expa… You can find articles on cuisine, vintage artworks, and fashion as well. You can also use this site on the go in the form of their Smartphone app. Tops, estrenos de Netflix, detrás de cámaras, curiosidades, películas a estrenar, escenas graciosas, bloopers y mucho mas.! 9) Film Comment. Rather than focusing entirely on movies, GeekTyrant covers all aspects of “geek culture,” including movies, art, and games that appeal to geeks. Her art titles indicate her experiences with mental health issues as well as her personal life experiences. shares a similar approach to GeekTyrant, shining a light on all forms of entertainment loved by geeks. Den of Geek! World/India Ranking by Alexa: 133,622/17,799; 10. Not only does it post information about art exhibitions, but it also contains articles for art lovers as well as artists. The blog has ideas for house parties and classroom events. The Sora Movie Cinema Responsive Blogger Template is the ideal cinema blog theme for anyone that wishes to deck their blog site in a theme which makes looking up for movies simple and easy. Colossal has a whopping fan following of more than a million followers on social media. You can purchase magazines and printed editions of Spoke Art as well. Lastly, the blog also has information about art workshops in most of the important cities of England like Manchester, London, Liverpool, and Birmingham. Las mejores películas y series. James also provides valuable insights into working in a studio. Her blog is one of the most inspiring art blogs in our opinion. It is a magazine that is published quarterly. 11th December 2020 Rewatching all the best Christmas films is definitely one of the best parts of Christmas each year. The aim of the blog is to create awareness about the ‘lost art’ of woodworking. The blog is full of talented contributors and readers can expect as many as four posts every day! Features focus more on the industry rather than celebrity gossip, and the approach has made the site one of the most respected outlets for entertainment news. A typical post about an artwork displayed in an exhibition contains the name and bio of the artist, the artwork itself, the venue, date, and the organizers of the exhibition. Pixpa is an all-in-one platform to create beautiful, professional portfolio websites, client galleries and online stores without any coding knowledge. Apart from this, you can go through research materials and archives. Lora expresses her mental, emotional, and physical states in her artworks. It is majorly a visual arts organization that serves artists in the DC area and beyond. Once you visit a page on the website which is dedicated to a particular genre of art, you can browse through the related events, featured exhibitions, and featured artists. In all forms of content marketing, readers want genuine content they can trust. Hi-Fructose revolves around contemporary art and showcases the best artists of recent times. Smartest Home Theater System: Sonos 5.1 Arc Surround Set 2. The founding members share half of the profit with the authors and give them due credit. An artist's portfolio website is not just a collection of artworks; it is a great business and marketing tool. Lines and Colors is an exemplary effort that inspires artists to be versatile in their methods and art form. You can browse artists and see their profiles and their works. You can read about the materials that she uses to make these gorgeous works of art. Clean and modern elements make it unique and perfectly focus on video content. Cassie Stephens is an elementary art teacher living in Nashville. The location, time, and date of the event are also given in a proper format. If you’re planning to start your own blog or you want a larger audience, be aware that you’re going up against some very tough opposition. There is also a section for clothing and accessories. HGM attracts artists from all kinds of verticals; musicians, painters, graphic designers, illustrators, etc. The post sometimes contains a slideshow of all the works of the art exhibition. Another top blogger in India is Amit Bhawani who begin his blogging life in 2007. The blog also showcases works of present-day artists and provides valuable reviews. The FAQs part of the page is also very helpful for newcomers. He heads a wonderful yet simple blog that fascinates us as well, making it one of our favorite art blogs. You can get access to resources from art schools and research material. If the previous entry on the list wasn’t impactful enough, Colossal stands true to its name and is one of  the biggest art blogs in the United States. Each post highlights the works of a different artist, focusing on one notable work. Here are 20 of the top movie blogs that every film fan should be following in 2019. You can even see by the number of zeros in the budgets of a movie. Great content is the primary way to build an audience, and all of the movie blogs on this list know exactly what it takes to attract film fans with a thirst for reviews and insightful articles. Film Photographer Interviews, Analog Camera Reviews, and More! The blog celebrates pop art and contemporary art and publishes content related to them. The whole thing started in 2008 and has since then, gathered a large audience. User-generated content is a good way to get regular updates on your site, and to have a wider range of genuine, honest opinions from people your audience relates to easily. With as many as 8 posts every day, ARTnews is a rich database of articles and resources related to art. It is one of the most popular art blogs in Canada and has a huge number of contributors. We appreciate their hard work; thank you for bringing us the valuable content that makes our life meaningful. Courtesy a_marga/Creative Commons/Flickr. Contrary to that, he prefers calling himself an anti-critic. Lastly, readers can check out webcasts, videos, e-news, and interviews. Launched in 2010 in Illinois, the blog publishes content about visual arts. It is printed in a pleasant tabloid format. Some of the categories that you’ll find on Open Space are columnists in residence, conversations, field notes, project space, reticulum, and impermanent collection. The blog has a separate section for reviews as well that contains hard-hitting journalism, a high-quality critique of artworks, and insightful reports. The blog is a child-friendly space where kids and their parents can hop on and learn new stuff in an interactive way. The critique is valuable to those who are interested in purchasing art books or movies. No Credit Card required. The blog has categories like art classes, exhibits, artful resources, opportunities, events, and other resources. You can also find stuff related to installation art as well as street art. The idea behind the unorthodox name, as Danielle Krysa explains, came from artworks that fascinated her so much that they made her feel awed and ‘jealous’ of them. Little White LiesLittle White Lies was established in 2005 as a bi-monthly print magazine committed … Art Bar is one of the best art blogs for kids. Learning Maxon Cinema 4D - A Beginners Training Course. This list covers art blogs written by artists, art critics, art lovers, or simply people who appreciate art and like to share their views. F ilmmaking blogs have made it easier than ever to access high-level film production knowledge (and cheaper too!). Started by Danielle Krysa in the year 2009, The Jealous Curator publishes, reviews, and curates artworks from around the world. Mousse is one of the best art blogs and magazines in our opinion. Artnews has an art blog as well which publishes posts about art events, trends, artist profiles, art in general, as well as trending issues. How much does your “face” cost. You can also shop on their website for home decor, toys, books, and stationary. This 1960s cinema is located in East Berlin. In terms of features, this theme is responsive, user friendly, vibrant and easily accessible. Go Gently began in 2004 by writer, artist, and podcaster, Michael Nobbs. Hi-Fructose was founded by two artists by the name of Attaboy and Annie Owen in the year 2005. The blog has a separate section that is dedicated to travel and street art. Frugality blogs have really taken off in the past 3 years, mainly down to the state of the global economy. The blog started in the year 2012 and since then has gathered more than 50,000 followers on Twitter and Facebook. The site focuses primarily on film, TV, and games. Offering the best of the box office along with stunning views of seals and seabirds from its mighty glass windows, it turns out the most northerly cinema in the UK might also be the best of all. Give us a quick tutorial on something that comes easily to you 53. Pixpa’s enables artists and illustrators to create stunning art portfolio websites and showcase, sell and share their artworks easily. Unlike many movie blogs, Dread Central has a much narrower focus, mainly providing content relating to horror movies and thrillers. It is headquartered in Portland, USA. The art blog part is headed by Andy Smith. The Frankie blog also has a podcast section where you can enjoy the latest content published by them. This is an independently run blog that was started in 2003 by Andy Towler. The founder of the blog wanted to turn this fascination into something positive and healthy. Your best blog posts 49. One of the best blogs of cinema that we can find without a doubt is the one of Fernando Marañón, writer and illustrator that carries out multiple works. All in all, this blog brings together all art-related things in one place. You can also subscribe to emails from Mousse to keep yourself updated about the ongoings in the art world. It’s now a well-respected source for movie reviews and critical articles. He sadly passed away in 2013, but his legacy lives on thanks to his website, which offers high-quality reviews, movie news, and video blogs. Katherine also has published books to her name and not only heads Making a Mark but also writes for many other blogs. The blogging website posts news and information for art students, enthusiasts, budding artists, as well as event-goers. Artforum has columns, shows, and a print media section as well. The publication radiates class and finesse. The school-wide collaborative for the library of her school is a colorful and gorgeous initiative she took to involve students to decorate the library. The blog contains archives, information about art exhibitions, reviews, trending matters, and much more. The founder of the Art Bar, Bar Rucci, believes that formal education makes people lose their creative touch. Cinema & TV All Articles Posted In The Cinema & TV Category. The biggest attraction of the blog is the ‘Art+Artists’ page. school-wide collaborative for the library, How to Write an Artist Statement - All you Need to Know, 14 Inspiring Mixed Media Art Portfolios That You Must See, A Complete Guide to Becoming a Special Effects Makeup Artist. Spoke Art is an Art gallery in San Francisco. Lora started creating art since she was 14. The best selection of Film and TV websites, if you are a Film maker or designer and you are looking for good Film and TV website examples this is your selection. We Got This Covered started out as a WordPress blog, proving that it’s possible to create a well-respected and popular blog from very humble beginnings. FightClub team shares scripts of some films also. Amit Bhawani. Another fun place for art enthusiasts to explore! You can also visit links where Katherine posts her own artworks made with pastels and pencils. Art, craft, photography, design, music, film, and books are surprisingly just a few of them. Top 4 Movies Based on Books and Games Posted on August 20th, 2020. The blog encourages high-quality books, which are made with the finest of materials. The latest movie and television news, reviews, trailers and opinions. Her works can also serve as Tumblr themes for art blogs written by other artists. Users create accounts, and then post on anything relating to movies. It also has a ‘Shop’ section where you can purchase drawings and paintings by artists from around the world. This blog is about Indian movies as well as world movies. Hi-Fructose was founded by two artists by the name of Attaboy and Annie Owen in the year 2005. The Lost Art Press was founded in 2007 by two woodworkers, Jeff Hoffmann and Christopher Schwarz. The team members work closely with artists, organizations, and collaborators. The blog also has a part that is centered around children. Hang onto your memories Save the moments that matter. If you’re looking for more than reviews and want to know some of the figures behind the facts, Box Office Mojo is the place to be, thanks to its comprehensive box office database. The range of content is so diverse that it is fascinating. In general, Cass Art is an art supplies blog that ensures that talented and creative artists get the best prices on the highest quality of art materials in the market. Open Space, as the name suggests, is a platform for artists, writers, photographers, etc to share their concepts, ideas, and works. She shares tutorials, guides, as well as relatable anecdotes from her life as an artist. Parka Blogs started as a personal blog by Teoh Yi Chie. It would come as no surprise then that the content is rich and varied. The tagline ‘sensitive to art and its discontent’ says it all. The best place to watch a film in Toronto is not your couch. Visit now to see what's new! Content on the Frankie blog covers a wide range of domains. This list indicates blogs with the most traffic in 2019. Learn more about the Art League and how they have shaped up as one of the largest art blogs in the country. Made for photographers, artists, designers and small businesses - Pixpa’s website builder makes it easy to showcase, sell and share your work online. Children should be allowed the opportunity to make mistakes and then learn from them. A typical artist profile page contains basic information about the person and a list of their artworks. Canadian artist Jeff Hamada started this rather ‘noisy’ art blog in the year 2008. Often, that trust comes from an established history of quality, as is the case with the JoBlo site, which dates back to 1998. The outfit aims to create opportunities for budding artists. You can find art news, ongoing/upcoming art competitions, etc as well. Parka Blogs, based in Singapore, is an art blog which majorly publishes content related to animated works, movies, manga, video games, and books.