Fast and efficient. 50% discount for maximum 3 children (4 to 11 years old) who travel together with the holder of a valid Carte Liberté. ","qsmCompFieldTravelerKey":"traveller","qsmCompFieldTravelersKey":"travellers","qsmCompFieldAndKey":" and ","currentNrFavTravellers":0,"maxNrFavTravellers":15,"allowedTotalNumberOfPassengers":[],"maxReductionCards":0,"reductionCardMustBeSelectedForEveryPassenger":false}, {"noDiscountCardSelected":"Select your discount card(s)","noTrainServiceSelected":null,"noEmpoyeeReductionSelected":null,"discountCardPlaceholder":"Choose a discount card","trainServicePlaceholder":null,"employeeReductionPlaceholder":null,"oneAdultValidationMessage":null,"emptyCountryList":"Country list empty"}. ","qsmCompFieldOthersKey":"other travellers. Children under 4 years old travel free without seat reservation. Examples include the Thalys "Mini Group" fare or the "Pack Tribu" fare on TGV INOUI. France Italia Rest of the world Luxembourg Nederland ... Frankfurt am Main Aix-en-Provence-TGV. The TGV is the fastest way to reach hundreds of destinations in France. Want to travel even further? TGV trains speed from Paris to major French cities including Bordeaux , Avignon, Lyon, Nantes and Nice . von/nach/in Deutschland, Frankreich, Italien, Österreich, Spanien, etc. No response within the expected time limit, {"domains":["","","","",""],"didYouMeanPrefix":"Did you mean","didYouMeanSuffix":"? In addition, in first class, you have a service at the seat: a member of the catering staff comes to take your order and bring it to you so you won't have to move (not included in the ticket price). Wie kauft man Zugtickets für TGV France - Italy (TGV). {"ticketLanguage":null,"showTicketLanguage":false,"listOfLanguages":null}. There are several possible routes from France to Italy by train. The shortest, easiest route is over the border between the French and Italian Rivieras, while high-speed trains run on the route from Paris to Milan 3-4 times a day, and a 14-hour sleeper train even carries you the entire 1,100 km direct from Venice to Paris. 5 board games: travel even when you're at home, Monday to Friday from 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM, Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays: from 09:00 AM to 04:30 PM, You can cancel or change your bookings online, You can print out your tickets again at any time, You can store your details and travel preferences and save time with each new booking. Italy: Hundreds march in favour of high-speed train between France and Italy. This list includes new stations constructed specifically for the TGV as well as existing stations that are simply served by the trains. These are all the TGV (French: train à grande vitesse, meaning high-speed train) stations, listed alphabetically. Billets non échangeables et non remboursables. Stations located in countries other than France are marked with the country in parentheses. The main international trains at a glance: Great Service- simple to use. Januar 2021. OV-Jaarabonnement, depending on the travel time and the season ticket conditions) get 40% discount on the Dutch part of an international journey with conventional trains to/from the Netherlands. N'hésitez plus et partez dès 29€* avec TGV INOUI pour découvrir l'Italie ! Geneva - Côte d'Azur / Montpellier / Marseille. Angebot gültig für Reisen vom Montag, 14. Through a secured link, you can set a new MyTrain password. Discount for maximum 1 adult passenger who travels together with the holder of a valid Avantage Famille or Avantage Weekend card. Les billets pour les TGV France – Italie sont bradés : 25 € ou 29 € seulement, suivant les destinations, pour un aller en 2e classe. TGV Lyria (France, Switzerland) Routes: Paris - Zurich / Bern / Lausanne / Geneva. Here you can purchase a wide selection of refreshments including drinks, warm meals, sandwiches and salads, as well as magazines, children's games, USB sticks, etc. TGV (France, Italy) Route: Paris - Milan. TGV (France, Luxembourg) Route: Paris - Luxembourg City . Finally, many railway operators regularly run temporary offers on fares, offering passengers good deals on rail travel. Log in Hello. All TGV tickets include a seat reservation; seating is 1+2 in 1st class, 2+2 in 2nd class. Interopérabilité du réseau TGV, p. 181 - 12. For most high-speed trains (notably Thalys, Eurostar, TGV INOUI, TGV Lyria and ICE), the cheapest fares are available in limited quantities. Certain functionalities may not work. Januar 2021, für eine Direktverbindungen in Frankreich und einer Auswahl von Reisezielen und Verkehrsunternehmen in … 6 euros. Covid-19: impact on your international train travel. Check also our rental deals and travel guides! The Carté Liberté is sold at the fixed price of €399 per year. Für Statistiken verwenden wir Matomo mit IP-Anonymisierung. TGV une beau petite vidéo - Duration: 3:47. 3:47 . The number of your loyalty card is not valid. Please activate your profile through the confirmation e-mail. Travel date or departure time in the past. You’ll find a table and electrical sockets there. Mais les TGV ne s'arrêteront pas en gare centrale de Milan, et la SNCF ne dispose pas de point de vente en Italie lors de l'ouverture de cette nouvelle liaison. Skip to main content. 20 years of experience. Du kannst alle Cookies akzeptieren oder sie individuell konfigurieren. You can book your seat reservations to accompany the pass with us too. All TGV tickets include a seat reservation; seating is 1+2 in 1st class, 2+2 in 2nd class. Your password does not yet meet our security requirements. Italy's three main airports are in Rome, Milan and Venice, all of which are easily connected by train. If this error persists, you can also book by phone with our Contact Centre on +32 70 79 79 79 (€0.30/min). A. Avignon TGV. An error has occurred while sending the e-mail. France’s high-speed TGV train network runs at speeds of up to 320km/h connecting major cities across France and into neighbouring countries. 2019 Feefo Service Award. So to benefit from the best prices, we suggest you avoid peak times and book your journey as far ahead as possible. If this error persists, you can try again later on or book by phone with our Contact Centre on +32 70 79 79 79 (€0.30/min). With TGV France - Italy, Milan and Turin are just a few hours’ train journey from France. Für einige Tests müssen wir das Statistiktool von Yandex verwenden. The TGV INOUI to Italy offers a wide range of hot and cold dishes, snacks and hot or cold drinks to enjoy in the bar-car or comfortably installed in your chair. Discover Europe by train! This discount card offers 30% discount to the card holder and to one fellow traveller, as well as 60% discount to a maximum of 3 accompanying children. Information über den Zug TGV France - Italy (TGV). The booking period can vary from one type of train to another. Le gouvernement portugais a récemment annoncé son intention de construire une ligne de TGV qui relierait Lisbonne à Madrid. Kaufe hier einfach und sicher deine Zugtickets ohne extra Gebühren! An inactivated profile already exists for this e-mail address. Trenitalia’s Frecce trains will take you to numerous Italian cities from Turin and Milan. 177 - 12. The 'Name' field can contain maximum 28 characters. Mandatory. Wir geben die Daten nicht für irgendeinen Zweck weiter und verwenden sie nur anonymisiert, um unsere Inhalte für dich zu optimieren. 5 Use your Liberté card to save on journeys from Paris to Italy and from other French stations to Turin, Vercelli, Novara and Milan. Discount calculated based on Seconda or Prima (2 nd or 1 st class) fare for TGV France-Italy trains on day of purchase. Bitte lies unsere Datenschutzbestimmungen für weitere Details. How to reach Italy by train from France. You can do this at any SNCB International station, via the SNCB International Contact Centre or at your travel agent. From 16 euros. Dezember 2020 bis einschließlich 04. We’ve sent you an email to help you create a new password. Unser Hauptziel ist es, deine Privatsphäre zu schützen. You have entered an invalid date of birth. Mk2 TER2N at Antibes. The 'Name' and 'First name' fields can only contain letters. Die Daten von Yandex werden nicht auf unserem Server gehostet. "}, {"outboundDate":{"restrictions":{"minimumDaysAfterDeparture":null,"maximumDaysAfterDeparture":null,"allowedTravelDates":null,"allowedWeekDays":null,"minimumDate":"16/12/2020","maximumDate":null},"travelDate":null,"travelTime":0,"timePreference":0},"inboundDate":{"restrictions":{"minimumDaysAfterDeparture":null,"maximumDaysAfterDeparture":null,"allowedTravelDates":null,"allowedWeekDays":null,"minimumDate":"16/12/2020","maximumDate":null},"travelDate":null,"travelTime":0,"timePreference":0},"datePlaceholderDepart":"Depart on","datePlaceholderReturn":"Return"}, {"allowedPassengerTypes":[{"code":"S","key":"MF_Single_Senior","label":"Senior (60+)"},{"code":"A","key":"MF_Single_Adult","label":"Adult (26-59)"},{"code":"Y","key":"MF_Single_Youth15to25","label":"Youth (15-25)"},{"code":"12","key":"MF_Single_Youth12to14","label":"Youth (12-14)"},{"code":"6","key":"MF_Single_Kid6to11","label":"Child (6-11)"},{"code":"4","key":"MF_Single_Kid4to5","label":"Child (4-5)"},{"code":"0","key":"MF_Single_Kid0to3","label":"Child (0-3)"}],"allowedReductionCards":[{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"NMBS_50%","label":"50% discount Belgium (SNCB)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"GBA","label":"100% discount Belgium (SNCB)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"VDU","label":"40% discount Netherlands (NS)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"GNA","label":"100% discount Netherlands (NS)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"GLA","label":"100% discount Luxembourg (CFL)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"THEPASS BU","label":"Frequent Pass (Thalys)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"THEPASS PR","label":"Premium Pass (Thalys)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"251","label":"Bahncard 25 1st class (DB)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"252","label":"Bahncard 25 2nd class (DB)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"501","label":"Bahncard 50 1st class (DB)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"502","label":"Bahncard 50 2nd class (DB)"},{"requiredFtpCard":2,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"CAF","label":"Carte Avantage Famille (SNCF)"},{"requiredFtpCard":2,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"CAJ","label":"Carte Avantage Jeune (SNCF)"},{"requiredFtpCard":2,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"CAS","label":"Carte Avantage Senior (SNCF)"},{"requiredFtpCard":2,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"CAW","label":"Carte Avantage Weekend (SNCF)"},{"requiredFtpCard":2,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"CLB","label":"Carte Liberté (SNCF)"},{"requiredFtpCard":2,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"CLE","label":"Carte Liberté - Enfant (SNCF)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"CAA","label":"Carte Avantage - adult companion (SNCF)"},{"requiredFtpCard":3,"residenceCountryRequired":false,"countryRequired":false,"passCountries":null,"card":"CAE","label":"Carte Avantage - child companion (SNCF)"}],"allowedEmployeeReductions":[],"allowedTrainServices":[],"allowMoreThanMaxPassengers":true,"defaultNumberOfPassengers":1,"minimumNumberOfPassengers":1,"maximumNumberOfPassengers":9,"defaultPassengerType":"A","allowDelete":true,"passengers":[{"passengerType":"A","passengerId":null,"favoriteId":null,"isAccountOwner":false,"ignoreExtraData":false,"firstName":null,"lastName":null,"ftpCards":null,"reductionCards":null,"employeeReduction":null,"trainService":null}],"employeeReductionMustBeSelectedForEveryPassenger":false,"defaultFtpCards":[{"cardNumber":null,"hasCard":false,"allowCard":true,"prefix":"308406","cardType":1,"translatedName":"Thalys loyalty card","maxLength":11,"placeholder":"My Thalys World"},{"cardNumber":null,"hasCard":false,"allowCard":true,"prefix":"308381","cardType":0,"translatedName":"Eurostar loyalty card:","maxLength":11,"placeholder":"Club Eurostar"},{"cardNumber":null,"hasCard":false,"allowCard":true,"prefix":"290901","cardType":2,"translatedName":"Grand Voyageur","maxLength":11,"placeholder":"Carte Grand Voyageur"}],"qsmCompFieldOtherKey":"other traveller. ThePass members pay a membership fee entitling them to reduced fares and increased flexibility when travelling to certain Thalys destinations. Why travel by TGV France-Italy? The 'First name' field can contain maximum 15 characters. Train from Italy to France ... Or buy the Eurail France & Italy PassInterRail France Pass for unlimited travel. Tickets are on sale until 07/09/18. To help you find the lowest prices on the main Thalys services, we can offer you a clever fare calendar: at a glance, you can see all trains with seats at the lowest prices over a period of several months. ","displayCurrencySymbolBeforeValue":true}}, {"showPromoExpanded":false,"showPromoCollapsed":false,"rememberPriceFlexFilterSelection":false,"enableLastExecutedQuery":false,"enableLastExecutedQueryLight":false,"allowLastExecutedQueryDefaulting":false,"allowLastExecutedQueryLightDefaulting":false,"allowLastExecutedQueryDefaultingForIdenticalOd":false,"todayString":"16/12/2020","hour":13,"showSelectODStep":false,"isForBookingHorizon":false}, {"autoActivateNextStep":false,"isLeqEnabled":false,"isLeqDefaultingEnabled":false,"isLffTeaserEnabled":true,"isFirstStepOfFlow":false,"showCompactVersion":false,"bookingPage":"/EN/Booking/Tickets","enableCaptcha":true,"captchaSiteKey":"6Le7lzoUAAAAAOrEub3aPdbmWGGRYzGSkTOg68fI","captchaToken":null}, {"odCombinationData":[{"origins":["BEABC"],"destinations":["NLASC","FRPNO"]},{"origins":["NLASC","FRPNO"],"destinations":["BEABC"]},{"origins":["BEBMI"],"destinations":["FRPNO","GBSPX","NLASC","FRLPD","FRMLV","FRAVG","FRMSC"]},{"origins":["FRPNO","GBSPX","NLASC","FRLPD","FRMLV","FRAVG","FRMSC"],"destinations":["BEBMI"]}],"calendarLegend":"Lowest fare of the day for 1 adult"}, {"comfortClass":2,"disableComfortClass":false,"disableChangePreferences":false,"maxChange":0,"showChangePreferences":false}, {"originRCode":null,"destinationRCode":null,"viaRCode":"","disableOrigin":false,"originRCodeLimitations":null,"disableDestination":false,"destinationRCodeLimitations":null,"odCombinations":[],"topStations":["NLASC","BEBMI","GBSPX","FRPNO","DEKOH"],"generalStationInfo":[{"displayTitle":"Amsterdam CS (NL)","synonyms":"Central","infoIcon":null,"info":null,"title":"Amsterdam CS (NL) ( Central )","rCode":"NLASC"},{"displayTitle":"Bruxelles-Midi (Be)","synonyms":"Brussels","infoIcon":null,"info":null,"title":"Bruxelles-Midi (Be) ( Brussels )","rCode":"BEBMI"},{"displayTitle":"London St Pancras (Gb)","synonyms":"Eurostar","infoIcon":null,"info":null,"title":"London St Pancras (Gb) ( Eurostar )","rCode":"GBSPX"},{"displayTitle":"Paris Nord (Fr)","synonyms":"","infoIcon":null,"info":null,"title":"Paris Nord (Fr)","rCode":"FRPNO"},{"displayTitle":"Köln Hbf (De)","synonyms":"Cologne, Koeln, Koln","infoIcon":null,"info":null,"title":"Köln Hbf (De) ( Cologne, Koeln, Koln )","rCode":"DEKOH"}],"isStationSwitchAllowed":true,"useStationToastMessages":true,"showViaStation":false,"enableRecentStations":true}, {"recentStationsToggle":"Recent searches","topStationsToggle":"Top destinations","clearRecentStations":"Clear recent stations","recentStationsLabel":"Your recent stations","topStationsLabel":"Our top destinations","extraInfoTitle":"More information","emptySearchResultInfo":"No matches for your search query. From 52 euros. OV-Jaarabonnement, depending on the travel time and the season ticket conditions) do not pay for the Dutch part of an international journey with conventional trains to/from the Netherlands. To ensure you don't miss out on these offers, we recommend you visit our website or Facebook page regularly, or sign up for our newsletter. Tips for choosing 1st or 2nd class. Il governo portoghese ha recentemente annunciato l'intenzione di costruire la linea TGV che collegherà Lisbona a Madrid. 80,000+ routes. This discount card for travellers of 60 years and over offers a 30% discount on TGV and Intercités journeys in France and in Europe. Benefit from creating a MyTrain account now: The TGV bar carriage is open to all passengers. On the trains TGV France - Luxembourg, TGV Paris - Fribourg en Brisgau, TGV France-Italie et DB-SNCF in cooperation the discount is 45 % in 1st class ou 60% in 2 nd class on the Business PREMIERE rate (tarif Liberté prima for TGV France-Italie). Most TGVs have a cafe area, power points at each seat and WiFi. Die TGV Frankreich - Italien (früher als "Artesia" unterwegs) sind Hochgeschwindigkeitszüge von Paris nach Mailand über die Mont-Cenis-Route. If you’d like to make a group reservation (9+ people), please contact our groups service by telephone or via the online form. #MF_ValidationError_ManagePersonType_OptionRequired#, #MF_ValidationError_SelectAtLeastOneOrganization#, Please enter a valid company number: example format BE0999.999.999, {"analyticsType":1,"initialAnalyticsData":{"env_template":"CarrierPage","env_language":"en","env_platform":"web","env_session_id":"a534a2c7-f6fd-4a32-978f-7b1e8653634d","customer_logged":"NotLoggedIn","page_cat1":"Carriers","page_cat2":"TGVFranceItaly","page_name":"Book your TGV France-Italy train tickets","content_id":"{28a21b7f-5d93-4a55-90cb-773421f4f2b4}"},"eventFlow":4,"disableEventTracking":false}, TGV France-Italy: head to Turin and Milan by train. Secure payment with the following payment methods: Your travel date or departure time cannot be in the past. Oktober 2020 für Reisen vom 13. This discount card offers 30% discount to the card holder and to one fellow traveller on return journeys during the weekend. The on-board communications areas are specially designed for working or simply making phone calls and are located in carriages 5 and 7. Thello also offers daytime trains which run on the Marseille-Milan line via Genoa (among others).. Frecciarossa, Frecciabianca and Frecciargento high-speed trains operated by Trenitalia provide daily domestic trains in Italy. Wir verwenden Cookies für die Funktionalität von und Statistiken. 4:51. Popular routes include Paris to Marseille and Paris to Strasbourg. In some circumstances, it can be more cost-effective to travel as a group, as some rail companies offer fares which are exclusively available to small groups of 3-5 passengers. Die Daten werden auf unserem eigenen Server in Deutschland gehostet. If you want to use a different discount card, please call the Contact Centre. Klasse. Basel Paris. Mandatory. The inbound journey cannot be earlier than the outbound journey. TGV Trains. Finde Fotos und Filme zum Zug. Holders of some types of NS season tickets (e.g. Operated by SNCF, the French national railway company, there are also inter-regional TGV services and direct TGV trains from France to a dozen cities in Germany and a handful of stations in Italy and Spain. Wie kauft man Zugtickets für TGV France - Italy (TGV). Holders of a valid travel pass, Network Railcard or token for free transport on the Luxembourg rail network do not have to pay for the Luxembourg part of an international journey with conventional IC or local trains. You can buy tickets from Rome and Milan airports to their city centres on our website. Services are operated by regular TGV units with air-conditioned 2nd and 1st class seats in open-plan arrangements with plugs. My bookings. The TGV France - Italy (formerly known as "Artesia") are high speed trains operating between Paris and Milan via the Mont Cenis route, offering fast direct connections. Each train has 8 family areas with 4 seats. MwSt. The TGV (French: Train à Grande Vitesse, "high-speed train") is France's intercity high-speed rail service, operated by the SNCF, the state-owned national rail operator.The SNCF started working on a high-speed rail network in 1966 and later presented the project to President Valéry Giscard d'Estaing who approved it. Want to travel even further? You will receive an e-mail with a link to reset your password. Enter the My Thalys World, Carte Grand Voyageur or Eurostar loyalty card number for each passenger. Steckdosen und ein Bistrowagen sind vorhanden. Please accept the general terms and conditions. Les billets sont en vente jusqu'à 4 mois avant la date de départ du train. This chart displays the total number of TGVs (Train à Grande Vitesse) passenger cars in France from 2007 to 2018. The good news is that all Das einfach zu bedienende Buchungssystem mit sehr guten Preisen und e-Tickets. Holders of a valid travel pass, Network Railcard or token for free transport on the Belgian rail network (visual impaired travellers, parliament members, police in uniform etc...) do not have to pay for the Belgian part of an international journey with conventional IC or local trains. The discount cards below are accepted on our website. Trainline bietet ein sehr einfaches und komfortables Buchungssystem für Zugtickets in mehreren Ländern, u.a.