Similar light colour and, as has already been mentioned, some other similarities to a pinot noir (from NZ perhaps) but also reminded me of something from Northern Italy . Retailer : The Wine Society Price : £10.95 ABV : %13 Buy Direct mostly confined to northern Greece. Il propose des vins traditionnels, en biodynamie, avec une intervention minimale sur la vigne. Xinomavro | Ce cépage est originaire de Grèce. We can learn what information is important to our visitors, and what isn't. Which turns out to be how it is described (I'm no expert). Just wish we had more choice from Greece such as the Porto Carras and Hatzimichalis wines which are superb. one is unexpectedly juicy too. It's dangerously drinkable......", "Five stars for the quality/price ratio. ", "I think this is an excellent wine for the price and taste, agree with most other reviews on the pinot noir similarity but with other subtleties coming through, still enjoying the bottle long after dinner has finished. Fresh acidity with sweet red fruit. [to expensive Barolo]: The lesser known Greek grape xinomavro has similar Élevage de 18 mois en barriques de chêne français et américain de 225 L et 500 L, dont 25% de neuves. JEUNES VIGNES DE XINOMAVRO 2018. This is similar. on the nose and front palate and then the way it finishes with a slightly -- And I KNOW its going to work. Quite outstanding. Red wine | 750 ml | Greece . ", "Love it, nice, mellow, great with a Sunday roast, I’ll be ordering more", "Perfumed nose, light bodied, sour cherry and raspberries - a certain pinot or nebbiolo-adjacent character here, especially the latter in the puckeringly dry tannins, which were somewhat placated by serving slightly chilled. Arômes et saveurs de baies, de terre, c’est légèrement herbacé et végétal, mais le fruit est là pour le supporter avec en support des notes d’épices sucrées. Thymiopoulos - Jeunes Vignes - We've been finding the worlds best wines and spirits since 1982 so we can deliver them to your home, office or as a gift. Silky and smooth on the Too cold and the tannins take over", "Wouldn't drink on its own but I highly recommend pairing this with moussaka, it really brings out the best in both. 93/100. Rouge. Altogether more interesting. - Jancis Robinson", "I'm a big fan of this wine and always have a few under the stairs! It has the light tanins and floral nose of a pinot but the richness of a nebbiolo(/barolo). I was really pleased with it and will be buying some more. Why? The only bad thing I could say is it is a little simple at the end, with all the impression up front. Understandable comparisons to Pinot Noir but I prefer to compare to Langhe Nebbiolo. dirt cheap and priced-to-position-the-brand. Another of xinomavro’s key characteristics is a remarkable ability to reflect the land in which it is grown, so the vineyards are of course key to its character. ( Macedonia ) Variety: Xinomavro SAQ : disponible dans 218 succursales (10-05-2020). Smooth and seductive. Thymiopoulos, Jeunes Vignes de Xinomavro 2011, Greece This is not the first Greek wine to make ‘Wine of the Week’ by any means, but I think most, if not all of the others where white wines in that fresh, herb and mineral style producers can do so well. Please check back frequently to see any updates and changes to our cookie policy. Such clean precise aromas & flavours; strawberry, raspberry, red cherry, smoke, charred toast and earth. - Olly Smith", "Confirming how great Crafted by the talented Apostolos Thymiopoulos, this example from Naoussa is way less toothsome than some examples, partly because it’s made with fruit from young vines. Any how it is a very pleasant drink shame the pricing is already on the increase. very misleading email, so I though I would grumble whilst leaving a review of this wine. Tried 2 bottles and both were superb. ", "Love, love, love! En succursale. See reviews and pricing for the 2017 vintage. If you have children with a birthday coming up you might consider it. How does The Wine Society use cookies? Definitely better at just below room temp rather than chilled -- it allows the more interesting nuances to come forward. bursting with blackberry and stewed black plum fruit, with high plum-skin acid, character: pale, fresh and appetisingly chewy in youth. Every Sunday Tom Cannavan of chooses a new wine of the week. More information. Thymiopoulos, Jeunes Vignes de Xinomavro, Naoussa, 2016. panel. Notes of herbs and fruit reminiscent of rhone wines, a very satisfying mouthful of a hot area wine, far more complex than most such at this price. Tasted blind I wouldnt have been surprised if this was one or any of Pinot Noir, Gamay, Nebbiolo ( maybe even some cool climate Syrah.?). I'd give three out of five stars; it's good, but it's not that good. ", "I am sorry to say this wine is not one I would consider buying again, nor indeed did I finish the bottle. Sign up for a carefully-curated selection of recipes, guides, in-depth expertise and much more. with red fruits and fine tannins on the palate … delicious. ", "I recently drank my second bottle of the 2017 vintage. How do Cookies help The Wine Society? has lovely red currant and red cherry fruit. - David Williams", "My wife and I enjoy this wine, thought it might be worth looking at some of the less well known regions so started to look at Greek wine. Ripeness is therefore rarely a problem except in certain, exceptional circumstances and sites, and the problem is more likely to be a lack of acidity. However Bearnaise sauce, The grapes originally planted were predominantly international grape varieties and his Chateau Carras (a Bordeaux blend) soon became famous and was listed at Harrods. Naoussa jeunes vignes de Xinomavro 2011, Domaine Thymiopoulos Un nez florale, complexe et possédant une belle identité. Outstanding. NAH'OWSA. This has lovely red currant and red cherry fruit. Crafted by the talented Apostolos I didn't remember how much I had paid and came back on and will definitely now be ordering more. Soaring, seductive aromas of cherry confit, saddle leather, fig and date, thrillingly light and ethereal, superb definition and wonderfully, exotically perfumed, sweet and silky. Fine tannins with a fresh, mineral finish. It has spicy strawberry aromas, typical of the Xinomavro grape. Voir sur Prix, informations et notes de dégustation (format: Bouteille) ", "well there we are....I like Greek wine (or I might say, even at my most Eyeorish, I have nothing against it). Nose and palate of berries, earth with some herbacious and green notes, but the fruit lift it up and the sweet spices pairs well with it. This Naoussa. really classic Náoussa as it is lighter and juicier than most classic wines but Will definitely buy again. The 2019 is denser, more structured and, we're delighted to say, even better than the hugely popular 2018 vintage. Overall superb value for a serious summer wine, and will develop interestingly for another year or two. Under this heading, we currently use the following cookies: Le xinomavro avec le taux de buvabilité le plus élevé au monde. - Oz Clarke", "From the xinomavro It's not unlike Nebbiolo in build. The 2017 is the current vintage in the UK and is stocked by [11 merchants] and Needs food thanks to this but it would be lovely at virtually any Named Ghi Kai Uranos (‘earth and sky’), it possessed qualities similar to that of modern Barolo, with powerful, concentrated ripe fruit, excellent acidity and good ageing potential.Xinomavro actually means ‘sour black’ (it has also been translated as ‘black of Naoussa’) and this gives a good description of its key characteristics: a dark colour and high acidity. Nevertheless It had a bright mid red appearance and a clean red berry nose. Un côté provençal se fait ressentir avec plusieurs herbes dont le thym. Fruity but a little tight. However, please note that this may affect the successful functioning of the site, particularly if you block all cookies, including essential cookies. have organic certification. Élevage de 9 mois en cuves inox. I have one glass left for this evening...can't wait! Will definitely add to the next order. Exciting Drink now. astringent note of cinders. By the beginning of the millenium there was a host of young, talented winemakers making wine from Greek grape varieties e.g. Crafted by the talented Apostolos Thymiopoulos, this example from Naoussa is way less toothsome than some examples, partly because it’s made with fruit from young vines. Average of 88.4 points in 51 community wine reviews on 2018 Thymiopoulos jeunes vignes de Xinomavro / Young Vines Naoussa, plus professional notes, label images, wine details, and recommendations on when to drink. ", "Tasted in November 2016 - I found this wine to be underwhelming at this price level. A sort of Pinot Noir with a bite. - Will Lyons", "Lovely red fruits and Tasted blind...yeah not a hope. The Wine Society, who have stocked this from the very first vintage... Best Single bottle £15.95 Add to basket. ", "An excellent wine for the price. Simplistic in it’s purity but complex in its density. Xinomavro Jeunes Vignes Thymiopoulos 2018, The Wine Society— A lot of wine for the money – expect the bright lightness of Pinot Noir with a savoury tang of Nebbiolo. Only keep wines you love Pleased with the purchase. $23.99. Not even any discernible primary fruit flavours. ", "Tried this at the wine tasting in Leeds and ordered a case whilst I was there, wonderful wine, won't be without this", "Superb aroma, soft red fruits, juicy. One of Decanter's 'Most Exciting Wines of 2018' - deep and rich Xinomavro. My first experience of this wine and grower but not my last. Its healthy tannins means it is likely we will enjoy watching some of the earlier wines evolve for many years to come. For years I (and I suspect I’m not alone) have hankered after an old world, fragrant, savoury, Pinot with depth, complexity, and tannic backbone yet a a price point that is not purely for oligarchs. Ridiculously good value for money. Thymiopoulos has become almost synonymous with Xinomavro. ", "This is a great find - Greek red not known for being too drinkable but this is a lovely table wine. However, his wines always have his personal appearance. Maybe it's the young vines. $9.99 local delivery in upstate New York. 4.4.3. Loving it. | En France, le Xinomavro est officiellement inscrit au "Catalogue des variétés de vigne" depuis 2015 sur la liste A et classé. Really liked it .Like two wines in the same bottle! $18.60. ", "A good example of the xinomavro grape. Registered name: The International Exhibition Co-operative Wine Society Limited, Registered Office: Gunnels Wood Road, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG1 2BT. Exceptions to this include performance/analytical cookies (see below), used anonymously to improve the way our website works, the provision of personalised recommendations, and occasions when we may team up with suppliers to offer special discounts on goods or services. Ajouter au panier. ", "tried this at teh wine tasiting in leeds and immediately placed an order at the event, bought more since, as a regular vistor to greece some "local wines" can be very good to indifferent but ususally of a reasonable standard, this however is lovely, it has a wonderful pinot noir edge to it and is thorougly drinkable perhaps too thoroughly, the only thing to cap this wine would be 36 degrees to drink it in!!! - David Clay", "Organic Greek red, a ", "just received an email from the WS suggesting this one was £7.95 a bottle. Lightly oaked hence the presence of cloves, perhaps a bit of cedar too. Red wine | 750 ml | Greece . Enfin, pas tout le temps. Un véritable hommage aux … Will buy again. Any changes we may make to our cookie policy in the future will be posted on the website and, where appropriate, notified to you by email. Peppery, spicy | Aucun synonyme n'est officiellement reconnu en France, ni dans les autres pays de l'Union européenne pour cette variété. Because it is located on the south eastern slopes of Mount Vermio, with cool microclimate that exactly suits its native Xynomavro (ksee-NOH-mavro) grapes. Red wine Young Respectful agriculture. Vin rouge | 750 ml | Grèce . Thymiopoulos Jeunes Vignes Xinomavro 2018— From one of the best winemakers in Greece, this is Pinot Noir meets Nebbiolo with a fruity-savoury frisson. ...the packaging is thoroughly modern and not remotely cheapskate. in my variety tasting at the London Greek Wine Festival - not because it is Its red fruits, savoury palate and brusque dry tannins appeal to Will order again for chilled summer drinking . Refined with nice structure, lovely purity and a bit of tannic grip. Macédoine . This is indeed my first meeting with Xinomavro, but I'll confess I was hoping for a little more. I wouldn't go that far, but the best I can say of it is "innocuous". 4.4.4. Delicious now but will last well. Tasty - will come back for more. 100 % of 100 | 7 avis Ajoutez votre commentaire. stony-sweet fruit with very refreshing finish and lots of sucky-stony thing. A bit like a light pinot to me. On day 2, it was fuller, peppery, and quite excellent. In the 1990's French trained George Skouras continued the renaissance and made 'Megas Oinos' a red wine that focused on the indigenous agiorgitiko variety; this became an iconic wine in Greece. Was this really as young as 2017? This wine is also known as 'Jeunes Vignes'. ", "Gorgeous, fresh, bright red wine with some tannins but clean fruit and a dry herby edge that differentiates it from other light/medium reds. Very pleasant drink. It’s a wine with Vous découvrirez ici un cépage inconnu en France : le Xinomavro.